Adds drag interaction to the target object.


Drag Behavior

Drag Direction
Set the direaction which the object can be dragged. To enable both horizontal and vertical drag, use two Drag nodes.

Snap Behavior
How the dragged object reacts when the user ends a drag gesture. When snapping is enabled the dragged object will animate to a specified position.

  • None - No snapping
  • Every Position - Snap to the next or previous position in the list of Snap Positions.
  • Closest Position - Snap to the position in the list of Snap Positions that is closest to the end position of the drag gesture.

Track Touch
When the user has started a drag gresture this property controls if touch events outside of the currently dragged object should be allowed or if they should cancel the drag gesture.

Drag Threshold
How many pixels the user needs to drag before the drag gesture starts. This is needed to distinguish between taps, horizontal gestures and vertical gestures.

Drag Enabled
Enabled or disables the drag interaction.

Drag Ratio
The drag distance is multiplied with this number to calculate how far the dragged object should move. If this is set to 0.5 and the user drags 100 pixels, the object will move 50 pixels.

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