HTML Content

HTML Content integrates an HTML element into Noodls layout tree.



Element type

This property allows you to choose which element type Noodl will use to create your node. If you are going to do canvas drawing using a Javascript node you can set this to canvas and use the element directly.

Dynamic content

If you are going to generate the content of your HTML node from a Javascript node, set this to true. This will keep Noodl from overwriting your content and will disable editing of HTML from the editor.


The HTML content of your node. Use simple handlebar syntax to pass data to your HTML node:

<h1>Hello {{name}}!</h1>

The name" property will be exposed as an input port on your node

CSS Classes

Attach CSS classes to the element Noodl will create. This allows you to use CSS Definition to style the content



Added to DOM

This signal is sent when the element is added to the DOM tree. Wait for this before performing layout related code in attached Javascript nodes

DOM Element

The element Noodl has created. Attach this to Javascript nodes to perform custom layout and rendering

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