Computes a result output based on blending (linearly interpolating) between the inputs.


Number 0..N
These inputs will be used to compute the result output port. When a value is specified new Number input is created. These ports are numbered as Number 0,Number 1 etc.

Blend Value
The blend value specifies how the result output should be computed. The result is a linear interpolation of the input ports. This means that if you specify Blend Value as 0 the result output will get the value of the Number 0 input, and a Blend Value of 1 will produce an output equal to Number 1. If a Blend Value of 0.5 is specified the output will be halfway between Number 0 and Number 1.

Controls the behavior when the Blend Value is negative or higher than the highest Number port index.

If Clamp is set to No the interpolation can produce a result that is outside of the specified input numbers. If Clamp is set to Yes then the result will get limited to the lowest or highest input number.


The blended value computed from the inputs above.

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