Receive Message

Receive Message nodes are used to receive messages send by Send Message nodes. Messages can be send across devices and be used for inter-device communication and multi screen designs. The message nodes use a topic based system, a Receive Message node will receive all messages that are sent to its specified topic.


The topic name can be any identifier and is used on the Receive Message nodes to connect a sender and receiver node. Most commonly the topics are specified as a hierarchy with / as delimiters, e.g. /Foo/Bar/1. Sometimes the topic need to be dynamic, this can be achieved by encapsulating a topic component with bracets, e.g. /Foo/{Bar}/1 , in this case a port called Bar will show up. Topics on Receive Message can also be specified with wildcards, so for instance /Foo/+/Bar will subscribe to both /Foo/Hello/Bar and /Foo/Goodbye/Bar. The exact topic component used when sending the message can be retrieved in a similar way to dynamic topics, by specifying /Foo/+X+/Bar an output port called X will be created that will hold the value of the topic component when the message is received.

Enable and disable the Receive Message node.


Receive Message nodes can have arbitrary output ports that will assume the value of the corresponding port on the Send Message node. These ports are reffered to as payload ports. These ports can be added by inspecting the node and clicking the Add port button in the Payload section.

Received A signal triggered when a message is received.

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