Send Message

Send Message nodes are used to send a signal to another device or another place in your design. All devices that connect to the editor will use the same message broker and thus messages can be sent across devices. The Send Message node uses topics to specify which receivers should get the messages.

Event Sender nodes uses a similar pattern but events are only sent within the current device. They also use a somewhat simpler concept of channels instead of topics.


Send Message nodes can have arbitrary input ports that will be passed on to the Receive Message nodes when the Send signal is triggered. These ports can be added by inspecting the node and clicking the Add port button in the Payload section. The Receive Message nodes must add ports with corresponding names.

The topic name can be any identifier and is used on the Send Message nodes to connect a sender and receiver node. Most commonly the topics are specified as a hierarchy with / as delimiters, e.g. /Foo/Bar/1. Sometimes the topic need to be dynamic, this can be achieved by encapuslating a topic component with bracets, e.g. /Foo/{Bar}/1 , in this case a port called Bar will show up.

This is a signal port and when triggered the corresponding Receive Message nodes will be triggered as well.


This node doesn't have any outputs.

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