Animate properties by jumping between different states.


A state node can have as many states as is necessary. Add a new state by clicking on the plus button.

Every state will have its own set of values. All values need to be set for every state that is added.

Will animate to the next state, or the first state if the current state is the last one.

Current State Set the current state with a string

Inputs for every state

Every state has its own set of inputs

State values

All values in a state has an input. Connect a number to set the values for a state.

State transition

Easing Curve Selects the curvature of the state animation.

The duration of the state animation. How long it takes in milliseconds to go from the previous state to this state.


Current State

Current State
The name of the current state

State Changed
A signal that is sent when the current state is changed

All of the values for the current state

At "State X"
True when the current selected state is X

Has Reached "State X"
Signal that is being sent when the state animation to state X is complete

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