Plays a video file. Based on the HTML Content node.



Video Path

The path to the video to play

Poster Path

A path for an optional poster image that will be shown before the video is loaded

Fill Mode

Controls the size of the video in relation to the dimensions of the Video node. The video is always centered

  • Aspect Fill - Scale the video so it covers the entire area of the Video node
  • Aspect Fit - Scale the video so it fits inside the bounds of the Video node
  • Fill - Stretch the video so it covers the entire are of the Video node


Whether or not the video should start to load before playing


If the video should loop once it has reached the end


If the audio track of the video should be muted


If the video should start playing immediately. Note that on iOS you must mute the video for this to work properly

Seek to time

An action for seeking to a specified time

Seek time
The time to seek to

Perform the seeking


CSS Classes

Attach CSS classes to the element Noodl will create. This allows you to use CSS Definition to style the content


Video Properties


The duration of the video file in seconds

Current time

The current time of the video playback


If the video is paused

Started Playing

A signal that is sent when the video started playing

Got loaded

A signal that is sent when the video is loaded


You can add video filters using a CSS Definition node and setting the CSS Classes property on your Video node. For instance an invert filter:

.videoContainer { -webkit-filter: invert(.8); filter: invert(.8); }

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